Sumati Offers ContractsOnBox
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Let Sumati organize and enrich your contracts so you can find the ones you need and get the information you want.
Key Features

Organized Data

An organized folder structure for your contracts with a consistent naming structure and parent child relationships for related contracts


A single, secure repository for all of your contracts accessible by any employee


With enriched metadata you can better manage your contracts. Basic needs like knowing when a contract expires or if there is a notice for canceling a contract become easily accessible.

How is it beneficial?
  • Find your contracts when you need them.
  • Understand how your primary contracts are amended by other documents.
  • Identify missing contracts and amendments so you can replace them.
  • Look at your contracts’ total values
  • Know when contracts are set to expire so you can re-sign them or let them end.
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ContractsOnBox has proven nothing short of transformative to our control and accessibility of contracts. Before ContractsOnBox, we felt relatively good about our practice of storing vendor agreements and expense correspondence in a defined folder structure. When we felt a need to look, we could (usually) find something without too much digging. But with ContractsOnBox, we now have reports on key details like expiration date, agreement type, and cost that give us proactive and comprehensive visibility of our entire portfolio of active agreements. ContractsOnBox was a simple change that did more than just help us keep organized. It surfaced the details that matter to managing our business in a way that makes it easy to keep staying two steps ahead. Thank you ContractsOnBox!!

Adam Nelson
Director of Information Technology

Years of Contract Management
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First Enterprise-Class Contract
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  • Startup Fee: $500
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  • Monthly Fees:
          * $50 service fee
          * $1.00 per document fee
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Standard Plan



  • Startup Fee: $500

  • Monthly Fees :
          * $50 service fee
          * $2 per document
            fee < 1000 docs
          * $1.90 for 1,001 – 2,500
          * $1.80 for 2,501 – 5,000
  • Contact us for custom pricing for above 5,000 docs
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