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The leading global provider of
contract migration and CLM managed services

Our expert team of Lawyers and Technology Professionals ensure that our clients operate the highest integrity contract repositories, receive the most relevant and responsive CLM user and operational support and save up to 70% on their CLM configuration costs, enabling them to free up funds that are used to drive user adoption.

Companies large and small are focusing on reducing their exposure from contract chaos built up over years and years of growth and expansion. With the distributed contracting process, limited controls and reactive obligation management leading to increased risk, companies are turning to Sumati with our unique offering combining attorneys and technical teams to create high-integrity contract repositories on top of leading CLM solutions. This becomes the foundation for obligation management, compliance, spend management and faster contracting cycle times.

Turning contract chaos into high-integrity contract repositories for world class companies

Sumati has become the world leader for contract migration. We've migrated close to 5 million contracts for leaders in almost every industry. Our informed process and deep knowledge base, as well as anticipating the hidden contract pitfalls, deliver as streamlined of an effort as possible

With just a few inputs, we can scope your contract migration effort in 48 hours:

- Estimated number of contract documents
- % counter-party paper
- Desired number of metadata fields
- Target starting and ending dates for migration

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“Our contracts contain complex language with healthcare specific terms of art. Sumati attorneys were able to navigate these complexities amidst a very challenging project timeline.”

-Lori Schwartzmiller, Senior Counsel, Correct Care Solutions

We wrote the book on strategic change management surrounding the corporate legal function.

Our CEO’s book “The Generalist Counsel: How Leading General Counsel are Shaping Tomorrow's Companies” has sold thousands of copies and is the top selling book in this category.

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"This is an insightful, well written book that should be of interest to a wide audience. For …[those] with an interest in the modern corporate landscape, this book provides many examples of the changing nature of the executive suite. For judges and regulators, The Generalist Counsel provides insight into the ways companies and top executives are evolving and trying to navigate an increasingly complex global legal landscape…it should be required reading for aspiring law firm lawyers who want to understand corporate clients and the unique challenges they face."
-Peter J. Bragdon
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Secretary, Columbia Sportswear