Contract Migration

Discover. Organize. Enrich.

Sumati attorneys substantively review contracts and extract
metadata, leveraging our contract migration platform –
Sumati ContEXTTM. Our clients receive a pristine source
of truth for managing material obligations.

Data Integrity Is Our Primary Goal

Sumati has migrated almost 5 million contract documents across multiple industries and contract types. Hundreds of Sumati attorneys are power users of Apttus, Novatus, Selectica and Ariba. This knowledge combined with a technology platform that enables efficient 100% QC ensure contract metadata in your CLM system has high data integrity.
Parent / Child Hierarchy
Industry Specific Metadata
Proactive Project Management
Reconcile conflicting provisions
100% QC
Fixed Price Model

CLM Managed Services: Attorney

Delegate the Details
and Practice More Law.

Sumati’s CLM Attorney Services offer an efficient transition into operational legal services once a contract repository or CLM implementation is complete. Our attorneys typically execute systematic legal activities so in-house lawyers can focus on substantive legal issues and strategic business negotiations.
Proven Workstreams

Honed CLM platform-specific work streams are executed efficiently by the Sumati Virtual Attorney teams.

Template Creation

Standardization of contract templates to drive consistency in negotiation and reduce risk of variable provisions.

Contract Review

First pass and substantive adjudication of counter-party redlines using Sumati created negotiation playbooks.

Our seasoned attorney and technology teams create a seamless workflow using CLM platforms to tackle administrative tasks more accurately, efficiently, and effectively. Our experience with CLM platforms includes Apttus, Ariba, Callidus, Corridor, Determine (Selectica), LiveLink, Sharepoint and TeamConnect.
  • Manage ongoing obligations
  • Report on key metrics
  • Create and manage execution of NDA's
  • Verify accuracy of counter-party and client contracting entity
  • Close out and putaway new contracts post-execution

“Our legal team needs to scale up to support our company’s exponential growth. With Sumati attorneys, we are actually able to do as they promise – spend more time practicing law.”

-Eric Lentell, Associate General Counsel, Fitbit

CLM Managed Services: Technical

You’ll know your CLM
Technical Team By Name

With dedicated CLM-certified operational support teams, our clients save up to 70% on their CLM configuration costs while Sumati CLM user support teams are available 24 x 7, enabling much faster user adoption.

“Sumati technologists’ deep knowledge of contract management and Apttus CLM has enabled us to implement Apttus with greater velocity and do it economically.”

Christine Uri, Director, Legal Operations & Associate General Counsel, Ecova
CLM Expertise 24 x 7

A CLM specific complement to your IT help desk and your CLM SME’s. Our Virtual Admin’s know your CLM configuration and are expert in contract management.

Same Day Resolution

Users need rapid resolution to work at the speed of business. More than 90% of Level 1 inquires are resolved same day, maximizing user adoption.

Rigorous Documentation + Reporting

Support and Admin processes are documented in detailed playbooks and iterated continuously. Cycle time, development and resolution metrics optimize responsiveness.