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The leading global provider of contract migration and CLM managed services

Our expert team of lawyers and technology professionals ensures that clients:

  • Operate the highest integrity contract repositories,
  • Receive the most relevant and responsive CLM user and operational support,
  • Save up to 70% on CLM configuration costs and
  • Free up funds to use toward driving user adoption.

Companies large and small are focusing on reducing their exposure from contract chaos built up over years of growth and expansion. With the distributed contracting process, limited controls and reactive obligation management leading to increased risk, companies are turning to Sumati’s unique offering combining attorneys and technical teams to create high-integrity contract repositories on top of leading CLM solutions. This becomes the foundation for obligation management, compliance, spend management and faster contracting cycle times.

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Reduce costs. Control risk. Increase efficiency.

  • Reducing cost and risk in contract management requires a high-integrity contract repository. Simply digitizing and migrating documents isn’t enough. To create a reliable, searchable and living contract inventory of the highest quality, organizations need to pair the latest technology with nuanced and knowledgeable human touch. Combining the best in human skill and technical support, Sumati attorneys substantively review contracts and extract metadata while leveraging the most battle-hardened contract migration technology platform in the industry – Sumati ContEXT.

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